Organic Feeders – Dubia Roaches, Mealworms, Hornworms, and more!

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About our Feeders

We use 100% organic ingredients in the chow for our feeder insects, choosing specific ingredients known to benefit your pet. Our proprietary feed mix combines the best of the feeder’s healthiest options with the best of your pet’s, ensuring a balanced diet. Feeder insects can eat just about anything, but we never offer any foods that we wouldn’t be willing to eat ourselves, and we check that every food item we offer is safe to your pet, the end consumer, as well. All produce is organic, and thoroughly washed before being fed. Enjoy peace of mind with our insect feeders! P.S. – Arachnids love dubia roaches too!


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There are a lot of different types of acceptable feeder insects, and we know just as well as you that it can be difficult to figure out precisely which one is right for your pet. So, let us do the hard work for you! Check out the link on the left, our Reptile Resources, for guides and links filled with useful information for various species.