Medium Mealworms


An order of medium (3/4″) mealworms. This size of mealworm is best for some juveniles, and most other pets.

Mealworms are a convenient feeder option for many species of reptiles, birds, and amphibians; they are easy to keep and tend, and likewise easy to raise yourself!

All orders of mealworms are measured by weight ; the total number of insects contained within an order may vary, but will never be less than 110% of the weight of the purchased feeders.


We here at Foothill Feeders do not believe mealworms cause impaction, but feel it is important to note that there are some voices online whom argue that the chitin of the mealworm is undigestible by many lizards and will cause impaction – we have never experienced any problems such as this, and use mealworms regularly as feeders; however, we would recommend spending some time looking into your pet’s species, and whether mealworms are the best choice or not.

Amount (Mealworms)

100, 25, 50


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