About Us

We only use clean, fresh, pet-safe foods for our feeders. Our custom feed blend gut-loads many of your pet’s essential nutrients, made from much of the same food you would trust on your own plate, purchased from the same supermarkets. Carrot, potato, wheat, oats – staples of our feeder’s diets, contributing to their overall health and nutritional content; benefits that get passed on to your pet!

We Work Hard To Provide Your Pet Healthy, Clean Options

Our Company

We are a small company of reptile hobbyists with the hope of bringing real, healthy food to your pet’s plate.

We only started down this path to begin with thanks to our two bearded dragons; we were enthusiastic about the idea of having a self-sustaining dubia roach colony to feed them, and we certainly invested time and money, not to mention the effort – only to find that by the time our colony had success and began reproducing, our bearded dragons had grown up, and mostly wanted vegetables!

So, we eventually decided we should try to sell the excess; knowing how much our beardies loved our home-grown roaches, we thought maybe other people’s pets would, too! Our hope is to provide quality, healthy feeder insects of all sorts one day – ones pet owners can rely on. Whether you’re an individual, or the owner of a pet store yourself – we are excited to try and carve out our niche!


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